Performance Distillation Solutions’ proprietary Pro-Pak high efficiency distillation column packing is engineered and designed to meet a variety of industry needs and a range of applications from laboratory and pilot plant distillation, to those used in smaller manufacturing plants.


Helps generate greater yields from the most demanding separations.

Electronic Chemicals

Ensures requisite purity for sensitive semi-conductor applications and other electronic materials.

Fine Chemicals

Surpasses performance of traditional packing at both atmospheric and vacuum to enable reduced column size or increase separation efficiency.


Offers versatile packing to efficiently handle heavy crude fractionation to natural gas purification to gas isomer separation. Referenced in ASTM D2892 for Distillation of Crude Petroleum.


Provides scalable random packing for various recovery applications allowing users to achieve greater purity or reduced unit operation size.

Fragrances, Flavors, Botanicals

Delivers superior performance at high vacuum for extraction at lower temperatures to reduce degradation of essential botanical compounds.

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